Construction work Binck Eiland.

Week 27 - 39

The work for Binck Plaats is starting. The former ground floor will be removed from Monday 1 July to around 19 July. You may experience noise disturbance during working hours.

From the beginning of September we will start drilling 46 heat sources. The installation of the drill piles will start in mid-September for the foundation.

Work will be carried out on the construction site from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm Occasionally, work will be done on Saturdays. If this is the case, working hours will be till 5 p.m. at the latest.

Brief omwonenden voortgang sloopwerk

Construction work Binck Eiland.

From week 15

De Binck is completed! We are preparing for the construction of Binck Plaats.

Construction work Binck Eiland.

Week 6 - week 9

The first homes in De Binck have been completed. The delivery points are now being checked and resolved. The parking lot is currently being prepared. The terrain is also getting spruced up by the placement of flowerboxes and plants.

On the outside of De Binck we will be applying glass panels and typesetting to the façade. From week 9 we will replace the roof of the temporary bicycle parking.

Construction work Binck Eiland.

Week 50 - week 2

Aerial work platforms will be placing the balconies on De Binck. There, as well as on the inside of the building the finishing work continues.

During the holidays there will be construction work on the following days: 27th and 28th of December and 2nd, 3rd and 4th of January. The work will mainly take place inside of the building. These days we will continue according to normal working hours (approximately 06:30 - 15:30).

Decoration of the outdoor area will start after the holidays.

Construction work Binck Eiland.

Week 44 – Week 50

All the scaffoldings have been removed from the building of De Binck. We’re finishing up work on the inside of the building.

To guarantee safety during dark hours, the construction site will be illuminated from 06.00 hours. From now on there will also be construction work on Saturdays. We will start at 07.00 hours and finish up around 15.00 hours. To diminish the noise disturbance we’ve aligned the ramps and removed the covers from the facade.

Lately various things have been stolen from our construction site.
We want to ask you politely to keep an eye on things and, if necessary, call the police.

Construction work Binck Eiland.

week 38 until week 43


The façade of De Binck will be "closed". The balconies will be hung on the façade during this period. In addition, we will brick the rear facade of the building. The mason will start working on the new outside wall at the back side of the building.


Inside the building we will break the floor of the ground floor, creating a central hall here. The homes will also be completed and the final touches will be put on facilities such as electricity, water, etc .; this means many suppliers will be present on site.

We aspire to keep you fully informed about the project’s developments and the inconvenience that might occur.

If you have any complaints, suggestions or
compliments, please contact us.

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