Hospitality and retail at Binck Eiland

Binck Eiland will be one of the first parts on the Binckhorst where you can settle. We’re looking for entrepreneurs with a lot of enthusiasm and a fitting concept to realise something beautiful to make Binck Eiland flourish even more! There are multiple entrepreneurial opportunities:

Hospitality in De Binck

There are hospitality possibilities on the bottom floor of apartment building De Binck. In the 192 square meter area alcohol can be served. The possible opening hours are from 8 AM till 11 PM.

Retail in De Binck

We are looking for an entrepreneur with an idea to fill 156 square meter with retail. We intend to establish a convenience store. Local residents of Binck Eiland and their ‘neighbours’ from the Binckhorst and the surroundings can come here to get their daily small groceries. Other retail concepts can be discussed.

More information about the commercial spaces in De Binck are available at request from real estate agent Jacques Groenewegen,groenewegenvastgoedadvies.nl